Hi. I’m Meghan.

I’m a yoga teacher living and teaching in beautiful Seattle, Washington. After spending time exploring and living in some of the biggest cities in the country, I am happy to say I am home and blissfully content, doing what I love.

Eight years ago I stepped on a yoga mat in a studio on Seattle’s Capitol Hill and thought to myself, “I want to become a yoga teacher!” I had never even taken a yoga class before in my life, what was I thinking?! It was an inexplicable thought, but the feeling I felt that day in that yoga studio can only be described as one of coming home.

Fast forward seven years (it took me a while to follow that calling, ok?), and I found myself living in Los Angeles, completely miserable in my corporate job, and on a search for a more meaningful life. I was practicing yoga almost daily as a means to stay sane during a very chaotic and painful period of my life, gobbling up all the books on yoga, spirituality and meditation I could find, when I finally bit the bullet and signed up for a yoga teacher training with YogaWorks. It was during that three month period of intense practice and study with Annie Carpenter and Brigitte Kristen that I was transformed and given the courage to completely leave my old life behind and embark on a new, radically different path.

I made my way to Seattle, and after a few more bumps (or full-blown craters) in the road, I began teaching a few yoga classes here and there. What started as a few has become a full schedule of classes in studios all over Seattle and the Eastside. I have been inspired by many of the incredible teachers I have had the joy of studying with: Annie Carpenter, Seane Corne, Kathryn Budig, Max Strom, Vinnie Marino and many more. My style of teaching is challenging and strong, coupled with a sense of play and exploration. There is always lots of laughter and fun, no one should ever take themselves too seriously in one of my classes. Check your ego at the door and let go!

When I’m not practicing or teaching yoga, you’ll find me training for road races on the Burke Gillman trail, cooking up something interesting, finding new and budget friendly ways to decorate my apartment, obsessing about pretty lacy French things, hanging at the dog park with my main man Claude, and spending time volunteering. I might not get much sleep but I never get bored and I frequently find my heart exploding with joy.

If you’d like to chat, send me an email at meghanjoys@gmail.com


One Response to “About”

  1. kayak June 19, 2011 at 3:10 pm #

    Megh- great writing and clear instructions. The blog re running was right on !!!

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