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This website will be really, really useful. I promise.

16 Jun

Hello yogis and non-yogis alike! As a yoga teacher I get asked a lot of questions regarding yoga’s usefulness and it’s benefits. People want to know why on earth they should pay money to do downward dog after downward dog, pesky if not downright irritating hip openers, headstands and shoulderstands and things that look like kickstands all the while sweating and sometimes grunting until the very end. Because well, they usually feel pretty damn good afterwards. And aches, pains, and often chronic conditions start to ease and a feeling of well being quickly ensues.

I am creating this blog to act as my co-teacher, a way to help my students, friends, family and even strangers reap the fruits of yoga’s healing power outside of the yoga studio. I will also include some musings on my first year as a yoga teacher as well as some dollops of philosophy here and there, but mostly this site is for YOU.