See what people are saying about yoga with Meghan!

“Working with Meghan during private classes, and public ones too, has completely changed my yoga practice and outlook on life.  I once was the akward 48 year-old woman with no flexibility, grace, or strength to complete the hour long classes.  I honestly can’t believe the transformation in my body and mind that has transpired because of committing to a regular yoga practice.  With Meghan’s instruction I’ve learned the proper way to do poses, which is critical to avoid injuries that can occur when beginning a yoga practice.  Meghan began teaching my 18 year-old daughter and me in private sessions and handled the discrepancy in our abilities and flexibilities well.  Every time we get a great work out, feel refreshed and leave with an inspiring thought for the day.  I highly recommend working with Meghan if you are looking to improve your practice, your body and your life!” Marka W.


“I’ve been taking yoga for 7 years or so and have had many good teachers during that time.  Meghan stands out as being one of my outstanding teachers.  She clearly loves what she does and is fully engaged in teaching her students.  That she cares- about yoga, her students, her class and that she really wants to be there- makes a big difference.  I also learn something from her every class whether it’s about a possible approach to a posture or a thought about yoga and life.  Her ready humor keeps the class feeling balanced and not too serious or heavy.  In addition, I love how challenging and well- crafted her classes are.  She packs in a ton in an hour class (without it feeling rushed) and I always feel rejuvenated – mind and body- at the end of class and so glad to have made the effort to be there.  One last note, given how physically challenging Meghan’s classes are, I appreciate how she offers modifications and encourages us to do what is healthy for our bodies.  I always look forward to seeing Meghan and taking her classes!” S.F


“Meghan has been a wonderfully inspiring teacher.  She always goes the extra mile preparing for classes with care, challenging and helping me to overcome many roadblocks and fears.  Taking classes with Meghan has been an unforgettable experience and has helped me to grow both spiritually and physically in my practice.” Eric O.


“I’ve been taking Meghan’s Power Vinyasa and Hot Hatha classes at Sweat Hot Yoga since June. As an fitness enthusiast who enjoys a steady diet of kickboxing, running and weight training, I decided that in order to maintain and improve upon my core strength and flexibility, I needed to start practicing yoga. As a ‘yoga newbie’ I was delighted that Meghan was one of the SHY instructors. Her combination of energy, enthusiasm, encouragement , humor and clarity of instructions made it easy to learn from and progress in my practice. I also appreciate all of her hands on adjustments in addition to her adaptations and modifications to match student needs and expectaions. I always feel challenged, refreshed and rejuvinated after her classes. Thank you, Meghan!” Stephanie M.


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